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Travelled to Xiamen

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   At Nov 7th, 2015 8:00 am, the staff of Wenzhou Hilmo Security Equipment CO.,Ltd, under the leadership of the tour guide, were sitting on the high-speed train to Xiamen, began a two days' unforgettable trip in Xiamen.

    on the day 7th: We walk on the beach in the Pearl Bay, surf, and enjoy the sea. Then we cycling around the island, the sky is blue and the sun warm,it will make you feel totally comfortable. The afternoon we take a ferry to the Gulangyu Islet, visit all the scenic spots, and taste a lot of local food. In the evening, we hang out in Zhongshan Road, everybody have a good time, this trip is full of so many interesting stories.
  The second morning ,we went to Nan Putuo Temple to worship the gods and pray,prayed for our family ,friend and co-workers ,it is said that it’s really works .The next stop is beautiful XIAMEN university,we visited lover’s lake and furong tunnel , impressed us with supportive learning atmosphere there.                 This tourism activities relax our mood, edify our sentiment after busy work on weekdays, thus increasing the cohesion of staff and fully demonstrate team spirit of company, we get along with more harmonious, more kindness in the tourism activities , make Hilmo the big family get along with more and more tacit understanding, more solidarity and affection, let everyone with higher passion go into the work in future.
   Xiamen is a beautiful place, we will come back again!


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