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The 10th China International Road of Traffic Security Products Expo & Traffic Police Equipment Exhibition

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The 10th China International Road of Traffic Security Products Expo & Traffic Police Equipment Exhibition which is approved by Ministry of Publich Security of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Commerce, held from Aug 15th, to Aug 17th 2018 at Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Thousands of products gathered here, with new design and advanced technology, these goods will make our world much safer. The products cover:


Traffic safety technology products

Intelligent Transportation Management Technology Production; Video Monitoring Technology Products and Solutions, Emergency Command, Processing Technology and Equipment, Software and Internet of Things and other related technology products, Satellite Navigation Location Service Technology Products

Integration of traffic data analysis; Intelligent traffic top-level network system in the Internet of Things, integrated traffic information dissemination in the mobile Internet, cross-border traffic information service system, communication operators, system integrators, solution providers, command and dispatch system, scientific and technological application achievements of public security traffic management departments, including successful cases Physical object, remote simulation, etc.

Cloud Computing Technology and Solutions; Traffic Information Communication System, Driver Training, Examination System, Parking Management and Charging System, School Bus and Related Safety Products

Vehicle Networking System and Solutions; Intelligent Bus Electronic Station Board, ITS, GIS, GPS, Intelligent City Technological Products

Traffic safety; Traffic signal system, traffic signs, guardrails, lighting facilities; Safety roadblocks; Reflective materials, marking materials, marking machines, emergency rescue services, barrier clearing vehicles and special vehicles, car anti-theft devices and other traffic safety supplies.

Police & traffic police equipment

Law enforcement, safety protection, single police equipment, field disposal, special police, police support, helicopter, UAV

Hilmo Security Equipment shared its hot sale products LED lightbar, Siren, Beacon with the professional visitors in the market, the goods gained good reputation for good quality, fashion design and attractive price. We provided detailed answers to all the FAQs. We were glad to attend this wonderful fair.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!


HILMO Security is one of the biggest manufactory of warning lightbar ,siren and speaker in China which was found in 1998. With 13 branch office all over China, reliable quality and excellent after-sales service make HILMO brand gain very good reputation in China!
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