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Lighthead LT135

1.DC12V - 24V
2.3 GⅢ LED(1W)
3.Amber ,red ,blue,white is optional

  • LT135
  • Hilmo
  • LT135
Super Thin New Design Surface mount Lighthead LT135

  •  DC10-28V
  •  0.5A( MAX ,Red Amber)
  •  3 GⅢ LED(1W) 
  •  Red,blue,amber,white is optional
  •  Four wires ,two for "+" and "-" ,one for flash pattern, one for synchronization
  •  18 kinds of flashing patterns selectable 
  •  Bolt fixing
  •  Two year warranty 
  •  IP67 Water-proof ,dustproof
  •  Anti-vibration
  •  Temperature -40℃- +55℃  
  •  ECE R65 R10 SAE approval 
This product widely used by public security, police, ambulance , fire services, engineering, army.
 Newly streamlined appearance design, elegant and generous. Due to the widespread use of  imported PC material, high-brightness LED,high stability chips, this product features with  high brightness, low-power consumption  and long life, etc.  .
Multifunction system is suit all your needs and situations.
Packing weight:7KG  Packing size:50*26*14cm  Packing Qty:50pcs


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