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China Police Expo 2014

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   China Police Expo , a unique biennial exhibition on police technology and equipment in China. This authoritative and professional exhibition aims to establish Beijing as the largest and most reliable business platform for police equipment and technology in the Asia-Pacific region—a central hub that can respond to requests from all the public security departments across China.
   From May 22 to 25, Hilmo were invited to participate in this event in National Convention Center, Beijing.
   In this exhibition, Hilmo displayed different kinds of newly developed products which includes lightbar ,beacon ,lighthead ,siren and speaker.Most visitors are satisified with our new design and also have full confidence in the quality of our products ,some of them are willing to discuss further after exhibition and want to establish business relationship with Hilmo.
   Really very glad to know our products are accepted by most people ,we will continue efforts to supply better service and products.


HILMO Security is one of the biggest manufactory of warning lightbar ,siren and speaker in China which was found in 1998. With 13 branch office all over China, reliable quality and excellent after-sales service make HILMO brand gain very good reputation in China!
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