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8th China International Exhibition on Police Equipment

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     China International Exhibition on Police Equipment(8th Event) was held at China National Convention Center from May 17th-20th, 2016. This exhibition has a total of more than 500 exhibitors from China, US, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Russia and other countries, the exhibition includes all kinds of professional police equipment.
     The exhibition has played an important role to promote the development of Chinese police equipment and improve police equipment modernization, and also provides a platform for the exchange of the domestic and foreign police equipment industry . In the Asia Pacific region, it has become the most famous and the largest police equipment exhibition in the field of public safety, with the highest degree of international participation and influence.
     We are proud invited to join the CIEPE, this exhibition will addition to hot selling products, we also show the new products according to the customer demand for the research and development of the warning light, siren, speaker and so on, many of them has been accepted of the domestic and foreign exhibitors customers. Most of costomers have left the contact that want to build a long term relationship with us.
    We are very pleasured to exhibit our company let the domestic and foreign exhibitors customers to know our company depend on the CIEPE. Also having a good wish for the CIEPE and helping the Chinese company to enterprises to a greater market.


HILMO Security is one of the biggest manufactory of warning lightbar ,siren and speaker in China which was found in 1998. With 13 branch office all over China, reliable quality and excellent after-sales service make HILMO brand gain very good reputation in China!
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